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Women's Jewellery

Top-quality materials, modern design and a lot of options are just some of the key features of Nomination women's jewellery. Our collections differ because we always offer different accessories to meet the current fashion. Women's necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and watches are our pride created thinking to help you express your personality and essence through the everyday accessories. Steel, yellow and rose gold, silver and coloured stones are the materials used to forge our women and men's jewellery, which become the perfect accessories to be worn, both in everyday situations and special events.

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WOMEN'S STEEL JEWELLERY FOR UNIQUE ACCESSORIES Steel is the basis of many of our accessories: resistant and versatile, it has completely revolutionized the world of jewellery. Our idea to make women's bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings in steel came to allow everyone to purchase quality jewellery accessories, as this material is much less expensive than gold or silver. Even today, we offer different women and men's steel jewellery, from Composable bracelets to necklaces, bracelets and watches both for him and her. Steel is the essence of our accessories, which come enriched with precious details such as stones, pendants and customisable engraving, making the Nomination range unique and suitable even for the most demanding women. WOMEN'S JEWELS TO ENRICH ANY OUTFIT Nomination women's jewellery is for all women who want to be elegant always and includes a wide selection of accessories. Women's bracelets, necklaces, rings and keyrings: embellish your outfit with character details is going to be a game when choosing among our different jewellery! Many accessories are made of steel and feature coloured stones, diamonds and rose gold details to enrich your jewellery and make it perfect for any occasion. Our unique Charms can enrich any woman's outfit with simplicity and great elegance giving an extra touch, both to casual and everyday occasions and even for the fanciest events. WOMEN'S JEWELS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Among the Nomination proposals, you will find the right piece to fit any budget. Whether you want to treat yourself or buy a special present for your loved ones, you will find the right solution. Are you looking for a birthday gift for your granddaughter or a meaningful gift for your best friend or mum? Find among our jewellery the accessory suitable for each of them! Discover our solutions for less than 100 euros and celebrate a special moment for yourself or your loved ones.