10.05 - 25.05 | КУПИ 3, ПЛАТИ 2
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Часовниците Nomination са много модерни аксесоари за съвременни и изтънчени вкусове: изберете своя любим измежду голямото разнообразие от стилове. Има часовници, чиито каишки са изработени от медицинска стомана и могат да бъдат персонализирани с Елементи от Колекция Composable, а има и варианти с каишки от силикон или цветна кожа. Открийте всички часовници от колекцията Time: най-класическите елегантни аксесоари за Него и Нея. Те се предлагат в много варианти, за да паснат на всичките ви тоалети, от най-небрежните до най-официалните ви визии.

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STAINLESS STEEL WATCH The watch par excellence has its wrist strap in stainless steel: Nomination’s Time Collection offers a lot, but one watch in particular is a step above the rest. We’re not talking about a basic watchstrap, because in this case, Nomination’s version can be personalised by simply adding Composable Links. Choose Links with your favourite symbols, letters, or charms and create a watch which speaks about you and tells your story. Choose from tons of Links dedicated to every occasion: from those representing important family events to others that are perfect for birthdays, and even romantic Links for yourself or as a truly unique gift. Nomination’s Time Collection has lots of models to choose from, with round or rectangular dials with monochromatic faces, or with prints or chic mother-of-pearl. WATCHES PERFECT FOR EVERY OCCASION Nomination watches are fashion-forward accessories available in many different versions. Take a look at all our watches with stainless steel wrist straps: a bit more classic, this accessory is personalisable with Links from the Composable Collection dedicated to life’s most important moments. Discover the full selection of Nomination watches and choose the one best suited for him or her, if you’re looking for an original, high quality gift.