10.05 - 25.05 | КУПИ 3, ПЛАТИ 2
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Обеци Nomination са изработени от най-скъпоценните метали според златарството: от традиционно злато до по-модерната медицинска стомана. Среброто, златотото и медицинската стомана са изковани във всякаква форма и размер, за да създадат перфектните обеци за всяка жена. От бижутата, предлагани в различните колекции на Nomination, ще откриете дълги и къси обеци, но също така поразителни обеци с винтче и обеци с перли. И нека не забравяме опциите за най-малките: Nomination има множество обеци за момичета от медицинска стомана, злато и скъпоценни камъни. Има перфектен чифт обеци за всеки: открийте всички цветове, форми и размери на обеците Nomination!

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STERLING SILVER EARRINGS Silver is a bright, refined material and jewellery forged from this metal can be easily matched with a diversity of styles and outfits, from the most elegant to the most shockingly bold. Choose sterling silver earrings if you’re looking for versatile, fashion-forward jewellery: from among Nomination’s selection you’ll find all shapes and styles. If you’re into wild outfits and showy accessories, then drop earrings are for you: large pendants in the shape of hearts, stars, and circles adorned with pearls, all crafted in sterling silver. If instead you prefer more delicate, classic jewellery, choose elegant silver stud earrings, or ones with small pendants in traditional shapes embellished with gemstones or details that are sure to get noticed. EARRINGS WITH SPARKLING GEMSTONES When it comes to jewellery, is your key word “sparkle”? Can’t get enough of glittering gemstones which add a touch of glamour? For the chic woman who prefers demure but brilliant jewellery, Nomination’s collections offer lots of earrings with sparkling gemstones, like those from the Emozioni Collection: choose your favourite shape from among hearts, squares, ovals, or the classic brilliant cut, perfect for your wedding day to enhance your gown. But there’s more: there are tons of earrings with gemstones, and they even come in fun shapes like little butterflies, angels, and stars. Select earrings which illuminate your face and that you can match to your everyday wardrobe, but also get some luxuriously elegant options to wear on special evenings out! EARRINGS FOR EVERY OCCASION As a special thought or as a gift to yourself just because you want to, discover all Nomination earrings. Among our selection you’ll find lots of sterling silver earrings embellished with precious details, from studs to dangle earrings, perfect for your daily life and which fit every budget. Are you looking for a special gift for a wonderful little girl? We have many sterling silver stud earrings in all sorts of cute shapes: from stars to hearts, from the infinity symbol to angels, all perfect for girls to wear.