10.05 - 25.05 | КУПИ 3, ПЛАТИ 2
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Пръстените Nomination са бижутата, които добавят нотка елегантност към всяка визия. Медицинска стомана, сребро, жълто и розово злато са умело използвани заедно с цветни скъпоценни камъни, циркони и перли за създаване на пръстени, които са харесвани от жените и момичетата. Има модел за всеки: сред предлаганите пръстени от колекциите Nomination единствената трудност е да стесните кръга на любимите си. Има пръстени за традиционни вкусове, деликатни, изискани и украсени с искрящи скъпоценни камъни с различни форми, от квадратни до овални, дори оформени като романтично сърце. А има и такива за по-небрежен, забавен стил. Много от пръстените са украсени със символи: има зодиакални знаци, букви, за да можете да носите своите инициали, сърца и символи за късмет. Като подарък за себе си или за някой, на когото държите, изберете безпогрешния стил на скъпоценните пръстени Nomination.
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STERLING SILVER RINGS Choose a ring in sterling silver if you’re looking for a contemporary accessory with unique style. Nomination’s jewellery collections offer lots of sterling silver rings in various shapes and designs. You’ll find options to wear with your most elegant outfits, adorned with sparkling gemstones and pearls, but also rings for everyday wear, decorated with fun symbols in a more casual style. Do you have an eye for eccentric accessories? In our collections you’ll also find sterling silver rings that offer a real “wow” factor and make the outfit. STRETCH RINGS One-of-a-kind in originality and unique design are our stretch rings: inspired by the iconic style of Nomination’s personalisable Composable bracelets, these rings are forged using materials and embellishments which will please even the most demanding, difficult, and particular tastes. There are simple rose and yellow gold finished versions adorned with designs in Cubic Zirconia, and others in stainless steel and sterling silver with large coloured gemstones. Stretch rings from the Extension Collection have stainless steel bases embellished with gold detailing of symbols, animals, and elegant ornamental designs. RINGS TO GIVE ON EVERY OCCASION Precious, high quality, and distinctly unique design: Nomination rings make women’s eyes sparkle with delight when they put them on. There are so many great gift ideas appropriate for every type of woman and girl on any occasion: there are classic rings to give to your best friend, rings with young, fun symbols, perfect for your little sister’s or niece’s birthday, and those adorned with gemstones and other romantic details as a special gift for the woman of your dreams. Many of these options cost between €25 and €75, so it’s possible to find the perfect gift on any budget. Discover them all and give your favourites to the people you want to have a special gift.