10.05 - 25.05 | КУПИ 3, ПЛАТИ 2
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Класически или съвременни, Nomination предлага богат избор от мъжки гривни за всички стилове и поводи. Нашите нови мъжки гривни съчетават висококачествена стомана с престижна кожа с винтидж ефект, задължителна комбинация за есенно-зимната мода. Открийте всички наши мъжки гривни и изберете тази, която наистина изтъква вашата личност.
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MEN’S BRACELETS BY NOMINATION: MATERIALS, SHAPES AND SIZES Enhance your outfit or that of an important man in your life with one of Nomination’s bracelets! Nomination’s selection of bracelets for men has the right piece for you. There is a choice of leather, steel and brass bracelets. Symbols and natural stones are a must for his look too. Choose your favourite Nomination bracelet featuring symbols of the sea such as a knot, anchor or wheel, or other classic masculine emblems like feathers and skulls. For a simpler piece, Nomination offers steel bracelets with a classic plaque that can be left blank or engraved with a special message for you or the recipient. Opt for a colored leather base, black leather, steel or brass, and select your favourite link from a choice of beads, silver-colored plaques, masculine semi-precious stones and small decorative elements designed especially for him. Whether you’re looking for a gift for yourself, a friend, a child, a boy or a man, browse Nomination’s selection of men’s bracelets and you’ll find the perfect piece!