Вземи до -30% отстъпка на избрани NominatioN бижута и до -20% на избрани композиви елементи само до 25ти юни!
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Composable Links са емблематичните плочки, които ви позволяват да персонализирате вашата композивна гривна или часовник Nomination. Създайте уникални и оригинални бижута, които разказват вашата история, или подарете такава на хората, които обичате, като спомен за специално събитие. Елементите Nomination съставляват невероятна колекция от букви и символи за всеки повод: всички са произведени в Италия от скъпоценни материали с елегантни детайли като сребро, жълто и розово злато, полускъпоценни камъни, емайл и висулки, които правят всеки елемент уникален . Изберете измежду огромен набор от символи и талисмани, ако искате да изразите себе си по оригинален начин. За любовно послание украсете вашата гривна Nomination с романтична гравюра или сърце. За да създадете бижу за късмет като подарък за някой, на когото държите, изберете Елемент с неговия рожден камък или зодиакален знак. Открийте прекрасния свят на Composable!
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GOLD LINKS Delicate, precious and elegant, rose gold is the perfect metal for jewellery dedicated to a special woman. So many Composable bracelets are embellished with this shiny material. Choose premade bracelets with a rose gold base and stainless steel Links with shiny details, or bracelets decorated with Links with symbols, letters, and engravings in rose gold. This metal goes perfectly with light coloured gemstones and can be combined with the more classic yellow gold, and it also sits nicely with sterling silver. Discover the collection of Composable bracelets in rose gold, just for you or as a gift to a special lady. LINKS DEDICATED TO FAMILY Family is a source of joy. They’re a part of our everyday life, they’re always present at important events, and they help us out in times of need. Family is always there for us and they deserve to be celebrated: this is why we offer you a huge selection of Links so you can express all facets of your life together. There are Links and charms dedicated to moments which make us smile each year, like Christmas and birthdays, and those which celebrate once in a lifetime events like graduation, marriage, and birth. Each member of the family has their own Links: for your Mum and Dad, grandparents, brothers and sisters and children, choose Classic or Double Links as a constant reminder of how much they mean to you. LINKS FOR EVERY OCCASION But Composable Links don’t just offer special messages for your immediate family: among our vast collection you’ll find the perfect Links to tell your best friend how special they are, and Links which make a nice gift for your niece or nephew, starting from €25. And of course there are tons of Links just for you: Glitter Nights, La Vie en Rose, and Cashmere are just a few of the Link collections embellished with sparkling details, flowers and messages which celebrate the glamorous side of life. Discover them all. PENDANTS AND CHARMS FOR BRACELETS So if you love jewellery with charms and pendants, then make sure to choose Links which have dangling pendants and charms from among Nomination’s vast selection. Whether they’re about family, friendship or love, dedicated to little girls, young adults or women of all ages, Nomination has Links with pendants which will satisfy everyone’s taste and style. Sterling silver, stainless steel, gold, rose gold, or pearls: choose the material and the symbol that’s right for the occasion, and give to yourself or to someone else the bracelet charm that’s perfect for all of life’s greatest moments: birthdays, graduations, dates which are significant in a friendship or a relationship, birthstones or pendants with zodiac signs. Composable Links with charms and pendants fit all bracelets from the Composable Collection, and Nomination offers a huge selection. High-quality materials, 100% Made in Italy, Links with charms can be added to a Nomination bracelet that’s already been purchased or to one which you’ve yet to create using our configurator. There’s a nearly infinite amount of symbols available: letters and initials on small round pendant plaques, pendant charms with adorable animals and insects like cats, butterflies and flamingos which are attached to the Links with tiny hooks, and also flowers, a red heart for the one you love and gemstones dedicated to someone special based on the month they were born or their favourite colour. All of them make the perfect addition to a personalised Nomination bracelet