10.05 - 25.05 | КУПИ 3, ПЛАТИ 2
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Създайте Composable гривната за вашите близки и я направете уникална с персонализирано гравиране. Изберете вашият елемент, украсен със символи, букви и цветни камъни, добавете любимите си талисмани и гравирайте вашето послание. Изберете между класически или двойни елементи в сребро, жълто злато и розово злато, готови за гравиране от нашите златари. Ще намерите и Елементи със скъпоценен медальон за гравиране, като кръг изработен от сребро или розово злато, или такъв във формата на сърце в розово злато.
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COMPOSABLE JEWELLERY WITH ENGRAVED LINKS FOR A UNIQUE GIFT With Nomination, originality has always been a constant, particularly when it comes to the Composable collection: our strength, and workhorse! If you are looking for the most original and exclusive accessory, you might opt for our Composable jewellery with engraved links. Unique and customisable pieces suitable for every occasion and perfect to meet all needs and tastes. But what is it about? Let's find out together! Our Composable Engraved Links are designed to customise your pieces of jewellery, whether it is a gift or a treat for yourself: they are single or double Tiles, on which our goldsmiths can engrave any message to help you surprise your beloved, a friend, a family member or whoever is in your thoughts. Our Composable Engraved Links are available in different colours and suitable as plaques for a bracelet, as elements in a Composable watch strap, or as a pendant for your necklace. Enhance your accessories by adding small pendants, letters, symbols, or coloured stones, and choose the colour of your Links! Choose among the most classic ones such as yellow gold, silver, or opt for rose gold tones. Whatever your choice, you will get noticed! COMPOSABLE ENGRAVED LINKS: YOUR JEWELS SPEAK OF LOVE This collection is perfect for any occasion and might also be the ideal gift designed for someone you care about: these are pieces of jewellery that speak of love! Nomination links, charms, and tiles are designed to be engraved by unleashing your creativity. They are the perfect gift for a baptism, a birthday, or a graduation party. The pendants to match are many and feature countless shapes and colours: a simple heart for a romantic gift, a green four-leaf clover for a good-luck present, or a simple geometric shape for a more classic style. The options for engravings are endless: write on metal a letter, a symbol, or a name that counts for you or even your pet outline! In short, love in all its shapes and colours can be engraved forever on your pieces of jewellery thanks to Nomination's customisable Composable Links!