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Nomination предлага гривни за всякакви поводи и с всякакви стилове. Търсите гривна за приятел или искате да отпразнувате голямо постижение със скъпоценно бижу? Колекциите от гривни на Nomination са изработени с помощта на първокласни материали с акцент върху вниманието към детайла и нуждите на всяка жена. За ежедневна визия изберете една от дамските гривни в колекциите Composable SeiMia или Trendsetter и бъдете небрежни и елегантни в същото време.
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WOMEN’S BRACELETS BY NOMINATION: MATERIALS, SHAPES AND SIZES Nomination’s selection of bracelets is designed to cater for all different types of women and personalities: children, girls, women, new moms, grandmas, aunts and friends. Everyone will find a bracelet for the woman they want to spoil or even if they want to treat themselves – they deserve it after all! The materials used to create our jewelry include steel, silver, rose gold, white rhodium and brass, which are sure to delight women of all ages. Why not treat yourself or an important woman in your life to a bangle with a symbol that represents that person? We have stars, pearls, infinity symbols, hearts, signs of the zodiac and semi-precious stones to suit all tastes. Bangles, stretch bracelets, bracelets with charms and pendants, and customizable pieces. Discover all the women’s bangles that Nomination has to offer online!