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Докато сърфираме в мрежата или пазаруваме, ние винаги търсим нещо оригинално, за да създадем нашия уникален стил. Независимо дали става дума за дрехи, обувки или бижута, ние винаги се опитваме да изберем нещо оригинално и индивидуално. И какво е по-персонализирано от Composable бижутата? Разгледайте страницата и открийте всички нови гривни и елементи Nomination Composable. Носете нашите уникални елементи от сребро, злато или розово злато, с гравюра и блясък в зависимост от повода! Намерете правилното решение за всеки вкус и всяка китка!

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NOMINATION NEW COMPOSABLE BRACELETS: HERE ARE THE PERFECT GIFTS FOR YOUR LOVED ONES, OR TO TREAT YOURSELF. The Composable bracelets are a timeless gift, suitable for any occasion. These are unisex and genderless pieces of jewellery featured by a classic steel or golden base and different decorations. Select the basis of your bracelet and choose from a wide range of interchangeable tiles, our Links, which feature different patterns and colours. You'll be spoiled for choice! Choose among glitter, precious stones, pendants, birthstones, pearls, embossed inserts. Take a look at all the news on Composable bracelet links, unleash your creativity and create your unique bracelet! Nomination makes you create your charms and a very original bracelet. Choose what to engrave on the tiles and get your unique and customised piece of jewellery. DISCOVER THE NEW COMPOSABLE TILES There is a lot of Composable new ins at Nomination’s, and plenty of patterns dedicated to the most diverse themes. Charm for new mothers, brides, love, friendship, family and self-love! No matter what period of your life you are experiencing, a Nomination bracelet is ready to accompany you on your journey with its uniqueness. Composable jewellery is the perfect gift idea: it offers a wide variety of choice and is fully customisable. If you are looking for a gift for a couple of friends, choose the first letters of their names and make a friendship bracelet. If you are looking for graduation, baptism, birthday or a wedding gift, you might choose from our themed-Links. Each event can be represented perfectly by a Nomination tile to always wear on your wrist! COMPOSABLE BRACELET: THE MUST-HAVE ACCESSORY FOR EVERYONE Composable jewellery is a must-have for the whole family, both to give as gifts and to treat yourself. Nomination offers accessories suitable for men, women, and children, which adapt to all personalities: different combinations can be created, depending on your daily look, mood or occasion. Whether it's a Communion, a wedding or a party: there is a Nomination Link for all occasions to be elegant and always feel at ease!